New TV and Web Show in Luxembourg

Take Off, The Thrilling
Science Challenge Show

Airing in January 2024 on RTL,
RTL Play and YouTube.

Who will win the 10.000€

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Broadcast starts in

42 Days
8 hours
49 Minutes
7 Seconds

What is the Take Off show?


Take Off is a science game show of 13 episodes, in which 12 resourceful young adults face tricky challenges. In each episode, one contestant will be eliminated. After all the challenges, the top two winners will each take home a prize of up to 10.000€.


The show will be broadcast on RTL, RTL Play, and YouTube in 2024. Short form content will also be featured on Instagram and TikTok.

How does it work?



    Currently registrations are closed.
    For this season 150 contestants have registered. Are you interesed in registering for the next season?



      The official Casting is the first episode that will be filmed. Here, the best 12 candidates will be selected who will continue on the studio episodes


      Official Casting

        The twelve contestants who have qualified, continue on the first studio episodes. They will have an onboarding training with the team, preparing them for the show. During this period, the studio episodes 1 to 6 will be filmed.


        Studio Episodes

          After the first six episodes, the remaining candidates have to prepare a short science show for an audience and will be judged on that instead of solving challenges.



            In the final episode, the two remaining candidates will compete for the first prize of 10.000€.

            The Candidates

            More than 150 participants have enrolled for the pre-casting of #takeoffshow, and out of them, 26 have successfully advanced to the casting stage!


            We extend our appreciation to all the courageous street scientists who took the leap to participate; your response and performance have been truly remarkable. We eagerly await

            the opportunity to witness the skills and passion of these 26 qualified individuals who will be joining the show.


            Stay connected with us on Instagram and TikTok to stay updated with the latest news and announcements.


            Take Off is a joint initiative from the André Losch Fondation and the Luxembourg National Research Fund.

            The Show Hosts

            Joseph Rodesch
            alias Mr. Science
            «Are there any Ms. or Mr. Science juniors out there?»
            Lucie Zeches
            Science Communicator
            «My biggest challenge is to say "Science Challenge Show" very fast»
            Olivier Catani
            TV Show moderator & producer
            «I just want the young contestants to amaze me»