Candidates Season 1

More than 150 participants have enrolled for the pre-casting of the first season, and out of them, 26 have successfully advanced to the casting stage!

Big thank you to all the courageous street scientists who took the leap to participate; your response and performance have been truly remarkable.

Are you joining the next season?

You want to know what it's really like to participate on the show? On Instagram and TikTok, you can find many behind-the-scenes videos of the candidates from the current season!

Image - Alex Tomé
Alex ToméLycée Classique d'Echternach
Image - Amin Licina
Amin LicinaLycée Hubert Clément
Image - Aurelia Wells
Aurelia WellsAthénée de Luxembourg
Image - Avanti Sharma
Avanti SharmaEuropean School
Image - Chiara Luzi
Chiara LuziLycée Michel-Rodange Luxembourg
Image - Dhriti Ladia
Dhriti LadiaAthénée de Luxembourg
Image - Doha Bouziane
Doha BouzianeLycée technique du Centre
Image - Emily Amor
Emily AmorLycée Aline Mayrisch
Image - Eva Cepele
Eva CepeleLycée technique de Lallange
Image - Ivana Stojkovic
Ivana StojkovicLycée Aline Mayrisch
Image - Jamie Ley
Jamie LeyLycée classique de Diekirch
Image - Jeff Müller
Jeff MüllerLycée Classique d'Echternach
Image - Karim Pereira
Karim PereiraLycée Aline Mayrisch
Image - Kevin Freitas
Kevin FreitasLycée Josy Barthel Mamer
Image - Lenny Kakou
Lenny KakouLycée technique du Centre
Image - Marta Carimo
Marta CarimoLënster Lycée International School
Image - Matteo Rocchio
Matteo RocchioLycée technique du Centre
Image - Matthieu Hoffmann
Matthieu HoffmannLycée du Nord
Image - Mischa Josten
Mischa JostenAthénée de Luxembourg
Image - Nicole Duque
Nicole DuqueLycée Aline Mayrisch
Image - Noah Heuts
Noah HeutsAtert-Lycée Redange
Image - Polina Kavunenko
Polina KavunenkoAthénée de Luxembourg
Image - Rémi Peuscet
Rémi PeuscetAthénée de Luxembourg
Image - Sonia El Hammiri
Sonia El HammiriEcole Privée Fieldgen
Image - Tabea Marie Weber
Tabea Marie WeberLycée Michel-Rodange Luxembourg
Image - Tanay Karnik
Tanay KarnikAthénée de Luxembourg